This beautiful journey started in the vibrant city of Udaipur which is nested in the heart of Mewar. As the charisma and grace of this city allures people all over the world towards itself; it gave us the motivation to create something fascinating which will reflect the heritage of ages. Rajasthan is incomplete without its tradition, culture and the plethora of phenomenal handmade artifacts. Blessed with the picturesque beauty of glistening Pichola lake and standstill Aravalli hills, this princely city drove us to create something which will emulate our distinct uniqueness and we decided to present it through our beautifully crafted leather bags and journals.


“Purpose may point you in the right direction but it’s Passion that propels you.”  — Travis McAshan, While making these products, our artisans put their heart and soul in it. And that’s where these handicrafts have got their iconic individuality from. While some might look at the production of anything just as a business, but we found our passion in our production. We endeavour to make genuine handcrafted leather products. We pay attention to every detail and try to make things special for you every time we create something!


We make antique as well as marvellous looking bags and journals from absolute leather product which is made from goat hide.

Leather Bags – We have hand crafted this product and have made it with natural leather. This product of ours will make you realize that Beauty actually lies in the imperfection. It’s just that while creating something manually, consistency becomes a real challenge. So, each bag may differ from another in some way. But the bright side of this is that it won’t bring that monotonous edge to these bags and you will see something distinct and exceptional every time you shop with us.

Leather journals – Have a look at our amazingly crafted diaries and journals and we assure you that you won’t be able to resist yourself from these unique piece of art! These leather Journals have the embossed pattern and due to that they might differ a bit from the image. But you don’t need to worry about its quality as the leather used in their making is of finest genesis. Colours too may vary slightly from the picture as these diaries and journals are coloured and then polished for hours. This process give them a very elegant and artistic look and the shine adds an extra charm to these. The leather used for this journal has been tanned and then our skilled artisans have made them with pouring all their dexterity in making of this masterpiece. After embossing, side is done on the edge of leather which increases the strength of cover that makes it long lasting so that your precious memories in journal should stay with you forever! The pages have been bound by hand with outmost care so they are strong and perfect. And because of this you can carry your beloved journal wherever you go. The use of these exclusive diaries is not restricted to be your journal only; you can use them as an art book, scrap book, doodle book or anything personalized as you wish. The paper used in these is great for water-colour painting too. This journal has lace for easy opening and also it will help you not to miss where you closed your diary last. Paper inside this contains handmade 'khadda paper', which is made from recycled cotton also known as 'kaddi' or 'khaddi' that has been left over from the massive garment industry in India. They are handmade and don't contain any chemicals as we only use unbleached cotton for these pages. This makes our journals environment friendly, as this saves trees.

We hope picking our ingenious products will initiate something creative in your life too!